It's national Fire Prevention Week, and we at the Madison Fire Department want you to LOOK, LISTEN, LEARN, BE AWARE: Fire Can Happen Anywhere!

LISTEN for the sound of the smoke alarm.

Smoke alarms are the first line of defense in a fire by alerting everyone in time to get out safely. In fact, having smoke alarms in your home cuts your risk of dying in a fire by half.

Make sure your home is adequately equipped with working smoke alarms by taking the following steps:

  • Install a smoke alarm on every level of your home, in each bedroom, and near all sleeping areas.
  • Make sure your smoke alarms are equipped with tamper-proof 10-year lithium batteries, per City of Madison ordinance.
  • Test smoke alarms monthly to make sure they’re working. Replace smoke alarms that are more than 10 years old.
  • Interconnect your smoke alarms so that when one smoke alarm sounds, they all do.

Smoke alarms are not recommended for kitchens, bathrooms, or garages where cooking fumes, steam, or exhaust fumes could result in false alarms.

Do not install an alarm in an attic or other unheated spaces where humidity and temperature changes could affect the alarm's operation.

View sample floor plans for examples of where to place your smoke alarms!

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