Lt. Casey PreimesbergerSeven new lieutenants were promoted earlier this year. We introduce them to you all week long on the MFD blog.

What is your new station and shift assignment?
Station 5 (Cottage Grove Rd.) on the "C" shift.

What was your previous station/shift assignment?
I was a roving Apparatus Engineer (driver) on the “B” shift .
How many years have you served with the MFD?
I started in 2003 and had been with the Appleton Fire Department for three years before that.

What do you like about the station or territory?
Station 5's territory is kind of a unique spot in the city. You may be faced with any type of situation. We have the Beltline, we have the Interstate, we have industrial areas, residential areas, and moderate-speed thoroughfares, so anything can happen.

Every day is different at Station 5 because of the variety in the territory. This area has so much to offer.

How has your perspective changed since becoming a lieutenant?
The mentorship side of the fire service is so important, especially for new people. You only get a little bit of formal training before you're tossed into the field. As a lieutenant, you're also learning while teaching. Your apprentices are the "the current future" of the fire service.

Throughout my career I've been blessed to work with exceptional people. I've been really lucky to have great Lieutenants, Apparatus Engineers, and Firefighters who have really invested in their people and were concerned about helping you not only become a better person but a better firefighter.

When we’re being called, it’s because someone needs help, and for them it may be the worst moment of their life. No matter who calls or what's needed, I want everyone on my crew to treat that person like a family member.

Anything else you’d like to share?
There’s nothing like being a lieutenant. I probably couldn’t go back to doing anything else. I’m so lucky to be in this position and work for the City of Madison Fire Department. We have amazing people here, and it’s been awesome.

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