What is your station and shift assignment?Firefighter Casey Balczewski
I am assigned to Ladder 2 (Grand Canyon Drive) on the 'B' shift.

What attracted you to this career?
As a young boy, I remember my mom always telling me about how she loved to go visit her dad, my grandfather, at the fire station. My grandfather was a Chicago firefighter, also on a ladder company. As I grew older, I realized how much I enjoyed helping others, and with the stories of my grandfather, I couldn’t help but be drawn to making it my dream career.

Why did you want to work in Madison?
I knew that if I was to be a firefighter, there would be not better place to work and help others than the community I grew up in. Born and raised in Madison, I can remember hearing fire trucks and ambulances drive by my school, thinking about how I wanted to be in the back helping them.

Do you remember your very first call after graduating the recruit academy?
My first call after the recruit academy was a fire alarm at the Alliant Energy Center. It was a hot, humid June day where we ended up walking around the building and determined it was a false alarm.

What advice do you have for someone hoping to join the MFD as a firefighter/EMT?
For anyone hoping to join the MFD as a firefighter/EMT: never stop applying, volunteer in the community, stay involved, and give back.

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