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How would having a home fire sprinkler system affect other water systems in your home, like drinking water? The answer is… it won’t!

There are two ways your fire sprinklers can be piped to protect your loved ones from fire and keep your water drinkable.

Depiction of standalone piping system

A standalone piping system splits the water that enters your home through piping that separates your fire sprinkler’s water supply from the other water supply used for drinking, bathing, and laundry. This type of system usually requires a backflow preventer and should be installed by a fire sprinkler contractor. In some cases, the sprinkler pipe can serve as a single water source that flushes water through the sprinkler piping, preventing it from becoming stagnant. Systems like these may not need a backflow preventer.

depiction of a multipurpose piping system

Another option is a multipurpose piping system where the domestic water connections and the fire sprinklers are supplied from the same piping. This piping is looped to keep water circulating. This type of system is typically installed by a plumbing contractor and does not require a backflow preventer.

To learn more about the options available for your home, contact the Madison Fire Department Fire Protection Engineer at (608) 266-4420.

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