MFD personnel with giant checkThe Madison Fire Department is thrilled to receive a generous grant from the IRONMAN Foundation and the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation for the purchase of brand new, battery-powered extrication equipment.
Commonly referred to as “the jaws of life,” extrication equipment is typically used when someone is trapped inside a vehicle or structure.

Every MFD engine and ladder truck is equipped with extrication equipment; however, the new equipment, manufactured by HURST, will reside on Ladder 6 which serves Madison's south side and parts of the Beltline and Interstate highways.
These cordless extrication tools afford firefighters greater versatility when responding to emergencies. The lithium-ion battery takes away the need for a gas-burning generator, or power unit, which means firefighters are safe to use these tools indoors.
The lack of hydraulic hoses also means firefighters no longer require setup time before putting these tools into action. Furthermore, they’re not limited in how far they can take the tools when attempting to access hard-to-reach areas.
Crews have already begun to train with the new tools and they say they love them already because of the lighter weight and ease of use!
IRONMAN Foundation says grants like these are one way it likes to give back to the cities that host an IRONMAN triathlon. IRONMAN Wisconsin takes place in Madison this Sunday, September 11. Pairing up with the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, this generous grant totaled $15,510.00.
The Madison Fire Department and all who will benefit from this new and improved equipment are very grateful!

HURST cordless tool
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