Station 12 solar panels panorama

Madison's "greenest" fire station just got greener!

New solar panels were recently installed at Fire Station 12 on South Point Road on Madison's far west side.

The system consists of 70 photovoltaic modules rated at 270 Watts for a total system size of 18.9 kW DC. The 70 modules are split between 4 poles with 14, 16, 20, and 20 modules respectively.

The PV system has an estimated annual energy production of 25,000 kWh which is roughly 20% of the station’s annual energy consumption. It will save an estimated 17,500 kg of CO2 per year-- the equivalent to planting 450 trees.

The installation was done by electricians and solar installation trainees with the City of Madison’s Engineering Division.

Learn more about the other features that make Fire Station 12 the MFD's only LEED-Platinum certified firehouse.

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