The MFD Heavy Urban Rescue Team (HURT) was dispatched to the Kettle Moraine State Forest late Saturday evening, May 15, 2021, to assist Whitewater Fire following a plane crash.

View of plane in the tree
Parachute visible in the treetop, as seen from the ground

The team was notified that a small plane experienced an engine problem, prompting the pilot to deploy a parachute to slow the plane's descent. The plane landed in a tree, resting approximately 100 feet off the ground.

rescuers look up at the plane from their vantage point at ground level

MFD HURT was assigned to assist Janesville Fire’s on-the-ground technical rescue team. Up above, harnesses were being applied to the occupants of the airplane— three in total.

person being lowered to the ground

Miraculously, no one was injured. All three were successfully lowered to the ground and able to walk themselves to safety to be evaluated by EMS.

Based out of Fire Station 8 on Madison's east side, the HURT is one of the MFD's four special teams. They specialize in a variety of emergencies and special rescue, including high-angle rescue, trench rescue, building collapse, and more. They provide countywide and regional response when needed. Learn more about the Heavy Urban Rescue Team.

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