Reserve ambulance and ATV 3An estimated 12,000 people will make their way to the University Ridge Golf Course this weekend for the 2016 American Family Insurance PGA Championship, and the Madison Fire Department is very much a part of the event.

Planning for the tournament began long before golfers and spectators hit the green as fire and EMS officials took a close look at potential hazards and worked to minimize or eliminate them.
While organizers prepared the venue for opening day, Fire Prevention Officers paid multiple visits to the golf course to check on cooking devices, electrical setups, emergency exits, accessibility, and more.
With the event underway now through June 26, firefighter/paramedics remain on duty to respond to any on-site medical emergencies that arise. In addition to a reserve ambulance, a fully-stocked ATV 3 acts as a “mini-ambulance” which allows paramedics to access patients in places a full-sized ambulance can't go. On Friday and Sunday, a bike team will be added to further enhance EMS response capabilities.
Staffing the PGA Championship will not impact MFD's service to the rest of the city; each of our 13 fire stations remain fully staffed.
On Saturday, all special event personnel will be dedicated to the 2nd annual "Shake the Lake" event downtown. Learn how the Madison Fire Department helps prepare for Shake the Lake (MFD Blog, June 26, 2015).

The Madison Fire Department wishes all event-goers a fun -- and safe -- weekend!

(Pictured: Reserve ambulance and ATV 3 at University Ridge Golf Course)

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