Lieutenant Lance RadockWhere are you stationed?
I’m stationed at Fire Station 12, ‘C’ shift, on South Point Road on the west side.

What was your previous position?
I was an Apparatus Engineer and Paramedic.

How long have you been with MFD?
Since 2008.

What do you love about your station and/or the territory?
I was previously assigned to this station as an Apparatus Engineer. Plus, I grew up in this area. We initially lived on Simpson St. for the first 4-5 years of my life, then we moved to Old Sauk Rd. Where my house was then is now the strip mall that has Chipotle in it, across from Attic Angels.

This area feels like home to me, and I know it well. I get reminiscent when driving past where my old house was. I also love the fact that we get the opportunity to interact with surrounding agencies like Middleton Fire Department, Verona Fire Department, and Mount Horeb. Also, this station opened the year I was hired, so it must be good luck to be back here.

What are some unique characteristics about your territory, and how do they shape your service to the neighborhood?
This territory borders some rural communities, so as I said, it gives us the chance to work with outside agencies. It also has a good mix of multi-family dwellings, single-family homes, nursing homes, retail, hotel/motels, and commercial business parks. This offers a variety of calls. This neighborhood also consists of primarily young families, so they are quite active and interact with us frequently.

We have mowed trails for the community to use in the fields surrounding the station, so there is constant activity around us. This also brings a good deal of children by the firehouse, and we absolutely love showing the rigs to the kids—I know that I was obsessed with fire trucks when I was a kid, so I enjoy seeing the excitement in their eyes when they get to be up close to a real fire engine.

What are some new challenges you’ve encountered in this new position?
Stepping back and letting the crew handle the hands-on work is my biggest challenge. As a medic, it is just engrained in me to make contact with the patient and take charge. In my new role as a Lieutenant, I am the supervisor and it is my job to make sure everything moves smoothly, safely, and to look at the big picture. I miss the patient care, but I enjoy the challenge.

I do have to say that I enjoy the opportunity to spend more time communicating with the family members of the patients, comforting them, and making them feel more at ease with what is happening. That is truly fulfilling.

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