Eric PopovichEighteen new firefighters graduated the MFD Fire Academy on November 6, 2015. We introduce them to you on the MFD Blog throughout December.

Current station assignment: Station 2 (Grand Canyon Dr.)

Why did you want to be a firefighter?
I wanted to be a firefighter for as long as I can remember. It's always been a part of my life with my father being in the fire service. It's been instilled in me that you put others before yourself whenever you can. This is no different within the fire service in that your primary goal is to put the community before yourself.

Why did you want to serve in the city of Madison?
Madison has been my home and has always been the only department I ever wanted to work for, especially since my father has been a part of this department for as long as he has.

What has been the most rewarding part of your experience so far?
By far the most rewarding piece of this job has been the ability to use what I have learned to help people. It is such a rewarding feeling to be called out at any given time to help an individual who could be having the worst day. You show up with hopes of making their day a little bit better.

Looking back at the Fire Academy, what was the most challenging element?
One of the most challenging aspects of the academy was being able to keep going when you didn’t think you were able to. There was always a point in the week when you were physically and mentally drained. Then you are assigned another task that you must complete. You don’t really have much of an option other that complete that task.

What advice would you give to someone hoping to join the MFD?
The only piece of advice I would give to anyone with aspirations to join the MFD is to simply never give up. It is an incredibly competitive job field and will require one to never give up throughout the entire process. It is an incredibly rewarding job and it is very much worth it in the long run. 

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