Firefighter Tasha Kirch Recruit Class 9 is now serving at a fire station near you! Get to know Madison's newest firefighters.

Where are you stationed?
Station 3 (Williamson Street), 'A' shift

What were you doing prior to MFD?

Before join MFD I worked in a memory care facility in Verona, WI for 6 years.

What was your first day in the station like? Did you catch any memorable?

Day 1 was a Sunday on December 29th, 2019. I was a nervous wreck but learned that Sundays were quiet days. We had a car vs. pedestrian call. The patient was 7 years old. The mother was upset and ambivalent at first about being seen by the Lieutenant or senior firefighter. She wanted me to help her, and as soon as I did, it helped defuse the situation. I ended up riding in the back of the ambulance with the 7-year-old patient, a yelling 2-year-old, their mother, and FF/PM Howell.

What is something you love about Madison or enjoy doing that is uniquely Madison?

I enjoy the bike trails in the city of Madison. Lots to see and many place to stop and check things out.

Tell us something you enjoy about the territory you serve.

I love Station 3 and the history about the station and the neighborhood. Willy St. is unique and friendly.

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