EMS Banquet Logo37 members of the Madison Fire Department were honored at the 2017 EMS Survivor Banquet sponsored by the Dane County EMS Association and Dane County EMS. The annual event recognizes citizens who survived cardiac arrest and offers them the opportunity to meet the first responders who helped save their life.
There were 34 cardiac saves in Dane County in 2016, surpassing 2015’s record-breaking number, according to Dane County EMS. The Madison Fire Department responded to 17 of those calls. 
The increased popularity of the PulsePoint app is helping everyday citizens know when someone in their vicinity needs CPR. Bystander compressions are a critical link in the chain of survival, and the increased number of lives saved in Dane County is due in part to bystander intervention.
In addition to cardiac saves, 17 MFD members were recognized for their many years of continued service in Dane County.
MFD Personnel Honored For Cardiac Saves in 2016:
January 22, 2016: David Schrimpf, William Yackel, Shane Lettman, Daniel Verhagen, Steven Dick
January 25, 2016: Linnea Anderson, Javier Font
February 8, 2016: Peter Friedericks, Matthew Murray
March 31, 2016: Bennett Lardie, Todd Cole, Paul Poker, Bart Williamson, Joseph Schultz, Shane Lettman
April 4, 2016: Brian Suter, Dan Williams
April 28, 2016: John Frank, Jered Tennant, Chris Homman, Ronald Hettinger, Chris Carbon, Michael Grumke
May 24, 2016: Brandon Troia, Joshua Erdman
May 30, 2016: Nicholas Mittelstedt, Laura Prom
July 11, 2016: Nicolas Zimpel, Jeffrey Clapero, Chris Homman, Sean Emberson, Michael Egan
July 23, 2016: Tyler Goff, Ryan Staudinger, Michael Stockbridge, Daniel Storley, Paul Komarck, Lynn Etnier
September 8, 2016: Stephen Melde, Joseph Schutz
September 23, 2016: Tyler Goff, Brandon Troia, Dustin Hermanson, David Bartkowiak
September 29, 2016: Brandon Troia, Jacob Engelhart, David Hartman, Arthur Dinkins IV, Lori Karst, Todd Shortreed
October 10, 2016: Jon Durst, Jered Tennant, Daniel Barnard, Daniel Pazurek, Andrew Knudtson, Ryan Staudinger
October 16, 2016: Michael Terry, Jeffrey Hoefen, Brandon Troia, Daniel Wisniewski
December 18, 2016: Jacob Kuehne, Chris Carbon, William Yackel, Chris Homman, Daniel Verhagen, David Santana
December 23, 2016: David Shechter, Tami Heilberger

20 Years Of Service
Arthur Dinkins IV
Fiona Thompson
Matthew Schwister
Todd Sailor
John Landry
Theodore Blackwood
Tomas Winter
Scott Bavery
Mahlon Mitchell
Patrick Tomko
Craig Brinkmann
25 Years Of Service
Paul Komarck
30 Years Of Service
Todd Steyer
Thomas Frederick
Thomas Mittelstedt
Rick Miyagawa
Timothy Binger

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