Kevin HembrookEight new Apparatus Engineers (AEs) were recently promoted and assigned to a station near you! Get to know them on the MFD Blog.

Where are you stationed?
I'm at Station 13 (Town Center Drive) on the C shift.

What was your previous assignment?
I was a firefighter at Station 8 (Lien Rd.) on the A shift.

How long have you served with the MFD?
I've been with the MFD for 16 years.

Why did you want to be an Apparatus Engineer?

It presents new challenges, helps me become a more well-versed firefighter, and of course it's every child's dream! 

What do you like about your station and/or the territory?
It’s different from where I have been in past years. I have worked at some busy fire stations mainly in the downtown area. Station 13 is Madison's newest station so it is less busy and in more of a rural setting. It gives me a chance to learn a new territory and work with a different clientele.

How do you hope to develop your craft over time? 
You feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility as a driver to keep your passengers (the crew) safe, as well as the motorists and pedestrians you come across. You are driving a large piece of equipment sometimes at a high rate of speed. You really need to be alert and drive with due regard. It is much different than driving a car, and you never know how someone is going to react when they see a fire truck with its lights and sirens sounding, so you really need to be on your toes.   

What's the most rewarding aspect of the job for you? 
The most rewarding aspect of this job is being able to help people in their time of need. Whether it is a fire call, car accident, or stubbed toe. When someone calls 911 they are expecting to get help. However severe or minor the problem, knowing that you helped someone in their time of need is what is so rewarding. 

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