AE Jacob Conner

Eight new Apparatus Engineers (AEs) were recently promoted and assigned to a station near you! Get to know them on the MFD Blog.

Where are you stationed?
Station 11 (Morgan Way) on the B shift

What was your previous assignment?
I was a firefighter/paramedic at Station 2 (Grand Canyon Blvd.) on the C shift.

How long have you served with the MFD?
As of this fall, I will have been with the MFD for 9 years.

Why did you want to be an Apparatus Engineer?
I wanted to become an Apparatus Engineer in order to make myself a more well-rounded firefighter. It is an aspect of the job that I hope to become more proficient at, and it is a role that will help prepare me for an officer role in the future. It also allows me to maintain my Paramedic license and work on the ambulance in a part-time manner.

What do you do when you're not working at MFD?
When I am not at work, I am at home with my three daughters. When I’m not taking care of my kids, I enjoy hunting, fishing, and playing sports.

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