Station 5’s crew on the ‘A’ shift, with assistance from Ladder 8, recently had the opportunity to participate in vehicle extrication training at Liberty Towing and Roman Auto Body on Madison's east side.

Engine 8 and Medic 8 also joined in as the crews practiced using new HURST eDRAULIC extrication tools that are new addition aboard Ladder 8! These battery-powered cordless tools allow rescuers more flexibility on scenes of emergencies which often involve passengers pinned inside severely damaged vehicles.

Ladder 8’s set of tools is the second to be put in service. Ladder 6 acquired a set in 2016 through a grant from IRONMAN Foundation.

Initially, Engine 5 and Medic 5 used their own generator-powered hand tools to force open hoods and trunks, break and cut the windows, force open the doors, cut the battery cables and seatbelts, remove the interior trim, and more. Then Ladder 8 came along with the new hydraulic cutters, spreaders, and ram. Lieutenant Thomas Frederick provided a brief introduction into the operation of the tools before the crews used them to remove the doors and roof, and raise and roll the dash.

Thanks to Liberty Towing and Roman Auto Body for donating the vehicles and allowing us to practice these critical skills!

Station 5 and Station 8 crews with equipment

Lt. Linnea Anderson contributed to this blog.

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