How MFD's Fire Prevention Division Keeps You Safe During Special Events

Orpheum Stage
Vice President Joe Biden made a “Get Out the Vote” campaign stop at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Madison on Friday, November 4 – just days ahead of this year’s presidential election.
Nestled behind the scenes of such events are the Madison Fire Department and other agencies, all working together to guarantee everybody has a safe and enjoyable experience.
A MFD ambulance joined the motorcade that escorted Vice President Biden to the event venue. With large crowds anticipated downtown, another was prepared to respond to medical emergencies from Fire Station 1 on Dayton Street.

Meanwhile, Code Enforcement Officers (CEOs) with the MFD’s Fire Prevention Division were busy inspecting the Orpheum Theater to make sure all safety codes were enforced and adhered to. Officers also monitored crowd capacity, ensured clear access to all emergency exits, and stood by the fire alarm panel during the event, ready to respond and investigate any alarm that might come in.
MFD’s CEOs are well-versed in activities like these. When political dignitaries aren’t coming to town in the throes of election season, there are still Badgers football games, Kohl Center events, Freakfest, and many other occasions that require this kind of special attention.
It’s important work for which we can credit all the emergencies that never have the chance to happen…

Senator Baldwin at Orpheum Theater

MFD Code Enforcement Officer Scott Strassburg contributed to this post.


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