Firefighter/EMT Antwan Anderson

Where are you stationed?
I’m at Fire Station 6 (W. Badger Road) on the 'C' shift.

What attracted you to this career?
What attracted me was the work/life balance the Madison Fire Department has to offer. I have three kids and it allows me to spend more time with them. Also being a part of the community and being able to be involved in different kinds of events going on around the city.

What was your very first call after graduating the recruit academy, and what do you remember most about it?
My first call after graduating was a medical call. I felt prepared but was a little nervous with it being my first call and I didn’t know exactly what to expect. What I remember was even through it was a medical emergency for the individual, my crew was calm. I remember how great the communication was, working with the patient to try and narrow down what was going on with them, before transporting them to the hospital.

What advice do you have for someone hoping to join the MFD as a firefighter/EMT?
The advice I would give is to have a positive attitude and be very flexible as you never know what kind of calls you’re going to get when you’re on shift. Also, make sure to communicate and talk things out to make sure things are getting done appropriately and to standard. Ask questions during and after calls to help you understand why things were done a certain way or to discuss more about what happened during the call.

Tell us some fun facts about yourself!
I’m currently serving in the military for the Army Reserve, which is also another reason I wanted to work with the Madison Fire Department. They are very flexible with individuals who are currently serving, and I never have an issue requesting off when I have to leave for drill or any other kind of military training.

Another fun fact is I played football at UW-Whitewater as a running back and my team won three national championships while I was there.

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