Apparatus Engineer Paul BowersWhere are you stationed?
Station 9 (Midvale Blvd.) on the 'C' shift

How long have you been serving with the MFD?
8 years

Why did you want to be a driver/engineer?
I wanted to be an AE to expand my scope and responsibilities with the MFD. I really enjoy the job of driving and learning all the little nuances that a territory can have.

What do you like about your station and the territory?
I really like the neighborhood feel that Station 9 has. Being born and raised (and currently living) on the west side of Madison, I really enjoy being able to serve the residents in this new role.

How has your perspective changed now that you're an Apparatus Engineer? Do you see your role in a new way?
Having been a firefighter and being the person who is actually doing more of the hands-on skills on calls, it was a change to now be the person who is more assisting, stepping back, and getting the big picture of the incident. This could be anything from scene and crew protection on a car accident to being the outside set of eyes and a fire call.

What qualities or skills do you see as crucial for your new position?
Being an AE requires you to stay calm and problem solve. The first five minutes of a fire is very fast-paced for an AE and sets the tone for the rest of the incident. For the most part, if something is going wrong, there’s a reason for it, and an AE needs to be able to figure out how to fix it.

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