Lt. Sue JuedesSeven new lieutenants were promoted earlier this year. We introduce them to you all week long on the MFD blog.

What is your new station and shift?
I’m at Station 12 (South Point Rd.) on the “C” shift

What was your previous assignment?
I worked on Engine 7 and Ladder 7, including the Hazardous Incident Team, for one year and spent two and a half years on Ladder 6. I worked in the Training Division as a Training Officer for Classes 1 and 2. Most recently, I was a roving Apparatus Engineer on the “A” shift.

When did you join the MFD?
I joined in October 2003.

How has your perspective changed now that you're a lieutenant?
I’m a teacher and a student at heart and always will be. It’s really important that people feel like they are part of the team, valued, respected, and appreciated for their strengths. When people have “weaknesses,” my experiences as a teacher and student of life have taught me how to approach them with diversity and empower others to be their best. I value differences and can learn from everyone, from a Chief to the least senior rookie and everyone in between.

What’s changed since becoming a lieutenant is feeling the inordinate amount of responsibility for the lives of 3-5 other people on my crew, and up to several fire companies—knowing that if one of my firefighters was ever hurt or worse due to my actions, I’d be done with the fire service. My heart would die.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your career up to this point?
Being a training officer and a student of the fire service; attending outside fire training, learning from co-workers both seasoned veterans and brand new recruits in the academy; being part of the training staff for two different Apparatus Engineer Orientations. Teaching is a deep passion of mine; sharing knowledge, learning, growing, and serving the community truly enriches my life!

What do you do when you're not working at MFD?
I teach group exercise classes at a local gym, attend yoga daily, hang out with friends and family, work on my house, help friends with house projects. During the summer I spend a ton of time at my lake retreat with friends and family. I want to get a dog this summer. I love to paint; I’ve made several paintings for family and friends. I’ve completed two Ironman events, and I find ways to stay active every day. I don’t own a TV – I don’t have time for it – but I couldn’t live without music!

Before joining MFD, I taught 7th grade math and science at Sherman Middle School (1997-1999), and I was an 8th grade science teacher at Blackhawk Middle School (1999-2003).

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