Firefighter/EMT Mike Terry standing in front of Engine 3Where are you stationed?
Station 3 (Williamson Street) on the 'B' shift

What attracted you to this career?
I've always really liked people and the opportunity to serve others. I also love that no day is ever going to be the same here.

Why did you want to work in Madison?
Working in Madison has been a dream of mine for about 10 years now. I love Madison. My wife and I live here and love our city.

Do you remember your very first call after graduating the recruit academy?
​My first call with Madison, we were headed to the grocery store for the day. On the way there, we got called for a rollover accident with a vehicle into a building. The guys on the rig said, "Here we go, Rook," and after months of academy it finally felt like I was really here. The academy does a great job prepping you for the field, but it can take a little bit to learn your position within the crew.

What are among the most memorable experiences you’ve had so far at MFD?
Working out in the Kohl Center for High Rise Week in the Academy was one of those "Welcome to Madison" moments where you realize this job is going to afford you some really neat opportunities you wouldn't otherwise get. In the station, I get to work on Willy Street with a great group of people. I love coming to work in my own neighborhood.

Medical responses are an important part of the service we provided. What have been the most challenging and/or rewarding aspects of these calls for you?
I really like people, and while some calls are hard, most of the patient interactions are really great. You meet our community and hear some cool stories. There's also lot of really funny people in the city who are quick with jokes.

Feel free to share any other stories or "fun facts" about yourself!
Prior to working for the Madison Fire Department, I was an Olympic Hopeful on the USA Skeleton Development Team.

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