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We know that fire sprinklers protect life and property. Did you know they also protect the environment?

Because sprinklers react quickly when there’s a fire, a fire cannot grow beyond its point of origin and it takes less water overall to put the fire out. Two activated sprinklers flow about 40 gallons of water per minute. In comparison, firefighters will flow about 150 gallons per minute. This reduces water usage as well as the amount of water pollution released into the environment.

Sprinklers also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A fire that can’t grow also can’t produce more carbon dioxide.

Another way sprinklers protect the environment is by reducing the amount of waste generated by a fire. A 2010 study found that fire sprinklers reduce fire damage by up to 97 percent*. Thanks to this, fewer materials, furnishings and other possessions are sent to the landfill.

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Source: Environmental benefits of sprinklers (NFPA)

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