Cooper's Hawk
Last night at Station 3, we were mingling after supper and a woman walked over to us to tell us about a hawk that may be injured.

She witnessed the Cooper's hawk fly into a station window and fall to the ground. It tried valiantly to fly away but could not get more than a few feet off the ground. A small crowd had gathered and asked if we could help.

We called John Kraak, a volunteer with the Four Lakes Wildlife Center, who came right away to help (John also happens to work at the City's First Street maintenance facility). He was able to safely capture the hawk using leather gloves and a net and take it into the Center to be evaluated.

Later, we got a progress report back from John saying the hawk seemed to have a slight concussion. The hawk was given fluids and will continue to rest until today, when a vet will have a look at it.

You never know what might happen when you come to work at Station #3!

Lt. Mialik, AE Karst, FF B. Jones, FF R.O. Miyagawa

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