AE Wade RaddatzEight new Apparatus Engineers (AEs) were recently promoted and assigned to a station near you! Get to know them on the MFD Blog.

Where are you stationed?
I am now assigned to the B shift at Station 9 (Midvale Blvd.).

What was your previous assignment?
My first assignment with the Madison Fire Department was at Station 3 on Williamson Street where I rode Engine 3 as a firefighter on the A shift. After my probationary period (18 months) had expired, I was activated as a Paramedic and assigned to Medic 1 on W. Dayton Street. I served there three years. I requested to be moved back to an Engine company after that and was reassigned to Engine 9 on the C shift, where I have spent the last four years.

How many years have you served with the MFD?
I've had the pleasure of working for the City of Madison Fire Department for eight and a half very short years.

My Background:
Before getting hired by the City of Madison, I went to school and obtained my Bachelor’s degree from UW-Whitewater and had the pleasure of working in a family business for 14 years. There I worked with my dad, my step-mom, and my two brothers hauling cars out of the auction yards in Milwaukee and Chicago on auto transport trucks. While that was rewarding in its own way, I am glad I decided to pursue a career change and follow my dreams of being a firefighter. It truly is the best job in the world for so many reasons!

Why did you want to be an Apparatus Engineer?
With my background in operating heavy equipment, taking the next step to Apparatus Engineer seemed inevitable to me from the beginning. It was a long and difficult process, and I am thankful to have made the promotion list.

How do you hope to develop your craft over time?
Wherever I am stationed I intend on learning my first-in territory like the back of my hand. It is very important for any AE not only to know where they are going-- and be able to get the crew there safely-- but also to know the fine details of the streets, different routes, traffic patterns, building types, and the residents in their community.

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