Saturday, May 19 is National Home Fire Sprinkler Day. All week long we’re spreading the word about the benefits of installing home fire sprinklers! Join the conversation online using the hashtag #HomeFireSprinklerDay.

Fires today burn faster and kill quicker, according to research conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Home fires can become deadly in as few as three minutes.

Without home fire sprinklers, fire growth is unrestricted, wreaking havoc on your home and potentially harming you or your loved ones.

With home fire sprinklers, deadly heat, flames, and smoke are controlled, giving you time to escape. Just as importantly, flashover does not occur when fire sprinklers are suppressing fire, plus firefighters arrive at a controlled scene.

This video illustrates the difference:

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Considering fire sprinklers for your home?

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Info courtesy: Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition

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