Prospective firefighters are encouraged to have a general knowledge of the physical demands of the job and the testing they may be required to accomplish. We recommend that you take your physical fitness seriously, not only to be a more prepared candidate but to have a long, healthy career as a firefighter regardless of where you may be employed.
In the Candidate Orientation Handout (“Handout") you can see details related to the Physical Ability Test (PAT) portion of the firefighter exam process.
There are several useful tools available to individuals who want additional training tips. These include, but are not limited to, the Handout and the FRF Intro to Firefighter Fitness booklet

Watch this video to get an overview of the Madison Fire Department's Firefighter Physical Ability Test.

These are all tools to use at your discretion and in no way guarantee successful completion of the MFD PAT.

Additional information about the PAT, including a demonstration video, can be found on our "Application Process" page.

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