Lt. Derek TeffSeven new lieutenants were promoted earlier this year. We introduce them to you all week long on the MFD blog.

What is your new station and shift assignment?
Station 3 (Williamson Street) on the B shift

What was your previous assignment?
I was a firefighter/paramedic at Station 8 (Lien Rd.) on the C shift

How many years have you served with the MFD?
My date of hire was April 28, 2003.

What do you like about your station and territory?
I love the history of the station, the layout of the station, and the location of the station. I like the fact that we again have a medic unit as part of the crew, making it a six-person crew.

The territory itself is very diverse in terms of occupancy (residential, multi-residential, commercial, and manufacturing). The station is located right in the heart of the public, which provides daily interaction with the people we serve.

Overall, it is a great station to be assigned to, and I feel privileged to be one of the shift officers here.

What's different about the way you approach your job every day?
I've always aspired to be in this position; however, it is still a bit surreal that I'm in this position. I've always had so much respect for the Lieutenant position and the responsibilities that come with it.

Until you are actually in the position, you don't realize how much administrative work and planning goes into it daily. The most important thing is the crew and my main concern each day is taking care of them in terms of their safety, training, morale, and overall esprit de corps. It's unbelievably rewarding and a lot of fun each and every day.

What do you do when you're not working at MFD?
Much of my time is consumed coaching youth sports (football, basketball, and lacrosse). If time permits, I like chasing around the little white ball (golfing) as well.

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