Engine 11 and Engine 12 at Pierce ManufacturingMembers of the Madison Fire Department were at Pierce Manufacturing in Appleton this week conducting final inspections on two new Pierce Quantum Fire Engines.

Engine 11 and Engine 12 are slated to be replaced when these new engines are available.
The new Engine 11 will be delivered to Fire Station 11 today. After hand tools and radios are installed, it will be placed in service on the city’s east side.
The new Engine 12 is headed to Indianapolis, Indiana to be put on display at the annual Fire Department Instructor’s Conference (FDIC) fire service event. It will be delivered to Madison at the end of March to serve the city’s west side.
The Madison Fire Department has purchased Pierce fire trucks for almost twenty years, and all current front-line and reserve apparatuses are Pierce trucks.

Engine 11 at Pierce Manufacturing

Assistant Chief of Support Services Mike Popovich contributed to this blog.

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