3C crew with picnic tableSometimes citizens just want to give back.
This much was true for a small group of east-side residents who wanted to show their appreciation for the firefighters at Station 3 on Williamson Street. They wished to donate something to the Madison Fire Department to express their gratitude.
As appreciative as they were of this kind gesture, the firefighters knew they could not accept a gift of value unless it was something that all in Madison could enjoy.

Determined to find a way, these generous citizens worked with Lt. Thomas Mittelstedt to come up with the perfect solution.
Now, at Central Park in the heart of Station 3’s territory, there sits a picnic table. On it rests a modest plaque that contains an inscription that reads:

Dedicated to the caring firefighters of C-Platoon, Firehouse 3

On a sunny spring morning, Fire Chief Steven Davis met up with Engine Company 3 "C." Together they had a cup of coffee and a nice chat around the picnic table.

But most importantly, thanks to the generosity of a few grateful citizens, people will gather and make memories around this picnic table for years to come.

Picnic table inscription

Pictured above: Lt. Mittelstedt, FF Buchholz, FF Smith, AE Blackwood

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