AE Christopher HahnIn August 2020, I was promoted from an 'A'-shift Firefighter at Station #8 (Lien Road) to the 'A'-shift Apparatus Engineer at Station #2 (Grand Canyon Drive). While at Station #8 I was able to be a core member on our Heavy Urban Rescue Team (HURT). Since transitioning to Station #2, I was able to retain my membership on the team, albeit as a satellite member. I am very thankful to be able to continue my training and respond as necessary with the HURT.

Tallying the years, I have been on the City of Madison Fire Department for over a decade, 11 years to be more precise.

I really enjoy the new crew I work with at Station #2. They are respectful, have great attitudes, train a lot, and do not hesitate to jump in whenever they see a need to be met. So I find myself thankful yet again to have another great crew! 

The territory has been both a challenge but also an aspect I like most! Prior to my promotion, I was always officially assigned to stations on the east side of Madison. At first, I relied heavily upon my Lieutenant and crew for guidance but soon began to learn my way around the west side of Madison.

One of the changes that came with this promotion is a change of perspective. My role on EMS and fire calls has changed. While I want to get right in the thick of things like when I was a firefighter, now I need to take a step back and make sure the firefighters on my crew have the tools they need to perform their duties and that they are safe. I also find myself more aware of hydrant locations, best routes to destinations depending on time of day, and proper apparatus placement with regard to type of emergency. It is also nice to finally put my degree in mathematics to good use calculating pump pressures and friction loss when flowing water, which is all the more interesting operating one of the city's ladder trucks.

When not working at the MFD, I enjoy tending to our raised-bed herb, vegetable, and berry gardens. I also have found enjoyment in maintaining the landscaping around our house and improving the koi fish pond in our backyard. While not working on those, I like the feeling after a good workout or eating a healthy meal made by my dietitian wife. Ultimately, though, if I really want to have fun I will join my seven-year-old son playing Legos, Transformers, or having lightsaber battles with pool noodles in our backyard.

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