Apparatus Engineer Becky Blaschka outside Station 10Where are you stationed?
I'm at Station 10 (Troy Drive) on the 'B' shift. Previously, I was a paramedic at Station 4 near Camp Randall Stadium.

How long have you been with the MFD?
20 years. I started on October 15, 2001.

Why did you want to be an Apparatus Engineer?
I like driving, and I like learning more about what our apparatus can do, from pumping the hoses to climbing the aerial ladder... and I am always in the front seat. :)

What do you like about the territory you serve?
I like my station territory because this is where I first started as a firefighter in 2001. It is also a territory that offers a lot of diverse responses.

How has your perspective changed now that you're in your new role?
My perspective of my new position did take a few months to settle into. Before this, I was a paramedic for 6 years, so now my new role is first to respond to and return from our 911 calls safely with my crew. I am responsible for the apparatus, whether it's an engine or an aerial truck. However, if my paramedic skills are needed, I am happy to step in.

What's the most rewarding aspect of the job for you?
My greatest reward is just helping people and the gratitude they give back just because we are willing to show up to help them at any time in our 24-hour shift.

What do you do when you're not working at MFD?
When I am not working at MFD, I teach exercise classes at Prairie Athletic Club: Body Pump, RPM, CORE, and Sprint.

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