Firefighter Brennan Woerth

Where are you stationed?
Station 5 (Cottage Grove Road) on the 'C' shift.

Why did you want to pursue a career in firefighting/EMS?
I’m the first in my family to enter the fire service. I always enjoyed helping people while growing up and having an active job. My extended family has always been keen on taking care of the people around them and I felt that a career in the fire service would help me continue that to an even greater degree. I never felt a desk or heavy-paperwork job ever interested me. I come from a family of blue-collar laborers and doing hard work was something to be proud of.

Having a job that allows you to have a positive impact on someone’s life is very rewarding. My wife is a nurse and she has had a big role in supporting my idea to help people by entering into the fire/EMS service. She has encouraged and supported me every step of the way. I do feel that being there on someone’s worst day to try and help them is a privilege.

What have you enjoyed about working for the Madison Fire Department so far?
Everyone I have met so far has been really excited about having me join the department. While going through training and orientation the overall feeling I got is everyone is excited to train to better themselves and the crew around them. Being surrounded by motivated career professionals has been refreshing and a great group to learn from.

What are among the most memorable experiences you've had since graduating the academy?
The first time I got to drive the engine I made it exactly one block before the transmission decided it didn’t want to shift anymore. We had to go out of service and limp it to maintenance. I didn’t end up doing anything wrong but it was a rough start to my time in the driver’s seat!

I was able to introduce my “vomiting airway manikin,” which I made at my previous position, to the medics at Station 5. I enjoyed being able to show them some of the things I’ve learned with it. About a month after that we had a formal training on a similar manikin and it sounds like our Station 5 medics rocked it!

What advice would you give to someone hoping to join the MFD?
It’s a great place to work and it's worth all the sacrifices you need to make to get here! It does feel like a big family. They are here to help you, encourage you, and also keep you in check when it’s needed. It’s a tough place to get into but it’s worth it. Keep trying for however long you need to reach this goal!

What do you like to do when you’re not working at MFD?
I enjoy spending time with my wife and two dogs. We enjoy the outdoors together as much as possible. We try to do a lot of camping and hiking. I’m also into motorcycles, cars, and general wrenching/tinkering in my spare time. I enjoy working with my hands and improving or creating something. I have recently started to do some woodworking and have made a couple of whiskey barrel pieces. I enjoy golfing with family and friends as well.

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