• In each bedroom
  • In each sleeping area
  • Within six feet of each door leading to a bedroom or sleeping area of each unit
  • On each floor of the building

Smoke alarms are not recommended for kitchens, bathrooms, or garages where cooking fumes, steam, or exhaust fumes could result in false alarms.

Do not install an alarm in an attic or other unheated spaces where humidity and temperature changes could affect the alarm's operation.

Scroll through the floor plan renderings below for examples of smoke alarm placement.

Three-Bedroom Unit with All Bedroom Doors Within 12 Feet To Protect Hall With One Alarm (not to scale):

Three bedroom unit

Three-Bedroom Unit with Two Bedrooms within 12 Feet and Another Bedroom Remote (not to scale):

Three bedroom unit with two bedrooms within 12 feet and a third bedroom remote

Three Remote Bedrooms (not to scale):

Three remote bedrooms

Two-Bedroom Unit in which One Alarm Can Protect Hall (not to scale):

Two bedroom unit with one alarm protecting hallway

Two-Bedroom Unit with Remote Bedrooms (not to scale):

Two-bedroom unit with remote bedrooms

One-Bedroom Unit (not to scale):

One-Bedroom Unit

Efficiency/Studio (not to scale):

Studio or efficiency

Unit with One Bedroom with Direct Access From the Kitchen (not to scale):

Room with One Bedroom with direct access from the kitchen

Cross-Section Showing Smoke Alarms On Each Level (not to scale):

cross-section showing smoke alarms on each level

Loft Apartment with Bedroom at Loft Level (not to scale):

Loft apartment with bedroom at loft level

Loft Apartment with No Bedroom at Loft Level (not to scale):

Loft apartment with no bedroom at loft level