The Madison Fire Department (MFD) guide is for the development of fire evacuation plans. The guide is to be used for all emergency, safety, and evacuation plans. Please follow the guide to meet the requirements of the International Fire Code (IFC). For your convenience in developing your own plan, we have also included several example evacuation plans for apartment buildings and a restaurant/bar. Within the Apartment Evacuation Plan Example, you will find examples for 4-unit, 8-unit, and 16-unit apartment complexes. Each apartment example includes a Fire Evacuation & Safety Plan, along with a sample Evacuation Floor Plan. All the plans provided are FOR EXAMPLE ONLY.

Once you have finalized the plan(s) for your facility, please send a copy to the City of Madison Fire Department. MFD will review the plan to ensure it satisfies the requirements of the IFC.

Planning is only the first step in emergency preparedness. Employees and managers need to be trained on how to respond to emergencies. Responsibilities, accountability methods, and consequences must be conveyed. Finally, the plan must be practiced to ensure that the plan works. The fire department's Community Education Unit can assist with staff training and can help coordinate a fire drill.

It is the responsibility of every property owner to make sure employees, occupants, residents, and guests have a plan for responding to emergencies.