Whenever routine maintenance is performed on your properties, keep fire safety in mind by taking a few minutes to verify that these simple, but important items are addressed. It will make a difference not only in your fire inspection, but more importantly, it will help to ensure the safety of your residents.

  1. Obstructions in Exit Passageways

    • Remove any/all obstructions in exit passageways.
  2. Illumination Exit
    • Provide illumination for all exit lights.
  3. Extinguishers Maintained
    • Extinguishers must be maintained annually,or after each use, by a certified person.
  4. Fire Alarm Systems Tested Annually
    • Fire alarm systems and its components must be tested at least annually, including but not limited to fire alarm boxes, audible devices, batteries, and smoke detectors.
  5. Smoke Detectors Maintained
    • All smoke detectors must be maintained in operable condition.
  6. Fire Doors "Closed"
    • Fire doors shall be kept in the "closed" position or held open by an approved device.
    • The use of door stops, wedges, and other non approved hold-open devices are prohibited.
  7. Fire Doors Self-Closing Maintained
    • Fire doors shall be equipped with self-closing devices and such devices shall be maintained in working order.
  8. Extension Cords, Discontinue Use
    • Discontinue use of extension cords. Extension cords shall only be used for temporary wiring and shall not be substituted for permanent wiring.
    • Extension cords shall not be attached to structures or be extended through walls, ceilings, floors, under or through doors or floor coverings. Extension cords may not be plugged into one another.
  9. Electrical Covered
    • Electrical circuit breaker panels, junction boxes, and outlet boxes, shall be covered, and installation complete.
  10. Clearance, Electrical
    • Provide 36 inches of clearance in front of electrical control boxes.