This week, the State Department of Natural Resources was seeking public input on their proposed surface water standards for PFAS compounds. Read below to see my comments to the DNR on this issue:

December 15, 2021

Department of Natural Resources

Attn: Meghan Williams – WY/3

101 S. Webster Street

Madison, WI 53707

RE: Proposed Surface Water Standards for PFAS (WY-23-19)

Dear Mx. Williams,

I am writing to express my support for the proposed administrative rule to establish health-based standards for PFAS in surface water. As bioaccumulants, PFAS in surface water can lead to concentrations of PFAS in fish that are linked to concerning human health impacts. Protecting public health is a critical role of the public sector, and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) plays an important role in protecting communities from pollution by setting standards. Setting the proposed surface water standard for PFAS is appropriate and I support the DNR’s work to do so.

In the proposed rule, the DNR indicates a priority for addressing PFAS at its source rather than treating contaminated water downstream. I agree this is the optimal solution, as contamination can lead to multiple surface water, ground water, and drinking water impacts. I also recognize the technical and cost challenges of mitigation. I believe the best policy is to require producers of PFAS-containing products to take responsibility for remediation. Failing that, I recommend the State continue holding polluters accountable and supporting clean-up through technical assistance and grants.


Satya Rhodes-Conway


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