Continuing our recognition tradition launched in 2020, we gathered for the second-ever in-person #TeamCity awards this week to celebrate 5 outstanding City of Madison employees of various backgrounds for their excellent work in a wide variety of services our City provides. #TeamCity is a core tenet of what makes this city run smoothly, and the #TeamCity awards exemplify what that means. For this month’s #TeamCity ceremony, we came gathered at the Nakoosa Trail Fleet facility, which has been recognized as the first-ever municipal auto garage in North America to achieve LEED GOLD certification by the US Green Business Council, and received the #3 Greenest Garage Award in North America from the National Fleet Managers Association.#TeamCity awardees with Mayor Rhodes-Conway

The employees we celebrated this month were selected from a pool of candidates that were nominated by their peers. These nominations were interesting to read, and also give me confidence that the work that we do for this community is in good hands.

This month’s #TeamCity Administration Award goes to Chelsea Schult. Chelsea is the Equal Opportunity Investigator-I at the Department of Civil Rights. She was promoted to this public-facing role recently. She consistently goes above and beyond in her work to ensure the public has all the information and resources needed to effectively access Department of Civil Right services. Her staffing of the previous EOC meeting on a monthly basis was outstanding. She took initiative to invite the Disability Rights and Affirmative Action commissions to attend, as well to provide perspective and knowledge from multiple perspectives of our community. All of the Department of Civil Rights staff members are proud to work alongside her. For her work spanning inclusion and equity, Chelsea was nominated by Administrative Clerk Julie Austin.#TeamCity awardee Pat Garvey with Mayor Rhodes-Conway

The #TeamCity Community Service & Support Award goes to Pat Garvey. Pat Garvey is a Library Computer Technician Leadworker. He is responsible for planning, development, coordination, implementation and operation of diverse automated, audio, visual, security systems, communication platforms, library specific technology and networked information systems/services at Madison Public Library’s 9 libraries and the facilities maintenance building. He also coordinated bringing power back to the libraries after severe storms knocked them out. He always thinks in a big picture manner, educating himself on not just the technology, but the way we do things in general at the library. Pat was nominated by School Age Librarian Janelle Cox.

The #TeamCity Public Health & Safety Award goes to Jeremy Bakken. Jeremy is the Police Fleet Coordinator at Police Department. He is the primary point person at MPD for making sure that police vehicles are dropped off and picked up for services, maintenance or auction, either at Fleet facilities or at private dealerships. He helped in planning and implementing the annual vehicle purchasing plan for MPD. In his important role that faces pressure from different sides and competing priorities, Jeremy maintains his calm demeanor and collaborative personality throughout his assignments. He takes the role very seriously, works hard and creates continuity that helps keep the police fleet running. Jeremy formerly served as a City of Madison Parking Enforcement Officer for a number of years, and was nominated by Fleet Superintendent Mahanth Joishy.#TeamCity awardee Dickey Yangchen with Mayor Rhodes-Conway

The #TeamCity Public Works & Land Use Award goes to Dickey Yangchen. Dickey is a Custodian at Streets Department East. She is responsible for the custodial work at Sycamore facilities that include Streets, Forestry, Parks and Olin Landfill Transfer Station. She started to work in this position at Sycamore and is known for working very hard and being dependable in all of her long checklists of tasks. In addition to cleaning the floors and bathrooms daily, she washes all surfaces in this large and heavily used facility, including walls and doors. She is also super friendly, kind and considerate to everyone she comes across. She was nominated by the Land Stewardship Technician Laurel Franklin.#TeamCity awardee Tresa Martinez with Mayor Rhodes-Conway

The #TeamCity Mayor’s Choice Award goes to Tresa Martinez. Tresa Martinez is an Employee Assistant Program (EAP) Manager. She is responsible for the program management, development, oversight and implementation for EAP programs. Tresa has managed the City’s Employee Assistance Program for 18 years. She has continued to develop a program that has become a model for many other cities and other organizations in recent years. Tresa has consulted with an increasing number of City Managers and supervisors. She participated in many committees and initiatives that seek to improve workplace culture and reduce threats to City staff. Tresa is a great leader and mentor to her team, supporting her staff in both their work and in their personal life. Due to the confidential nature of most of her work, Tresa is also an unsung hero of our organization, which supports all the others. She is nominated by EAP Specialist Arlyn Gonzales and Confidential Program Assistant Sherri Amos.

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