Friday we celebrated 2021’s second #TeamCity Award Ceremony with a special first time recognition of the City's safest drivers.

I want to highlight our top five #TeamCity Award recipients, as well as congratulate all awardees and thank all City staff for making me proud of #TeamCity every day.

Team City Awardees

Administration #TeamCity Award - Mike Quieto. Mike is a Program Assistant in the Finance Department. His role is to provide services to various City Departments. Recently, he supported the hiring process for the newly hired Madison Police Chief. He helped with the community outreach of the Police and Fire Commission by connecting the public to the Commission website resources. By providing access to a public survey tool, the Commission received public input from many area residents. His support allowed the process to be as efficient, transparent, and equitable as possible. Mike was nominated by Performance Excellence Specialist, Kara Kratowicz, and Police and Fire Commission President, Mary Schauf. Congratulations, Mike!

Community Service & Support #TeamCity Award - Lauren Andersen. Lauren is a CDA Triangle Site Manager at CDA Housing. As a Site Manager, Lauren provides onsite oversight and coordination to address resident safety and service needs, building maintenance, and site staff leadership at the CDA Triangle apartment campus. She applied for and received a grant for coordinating COVID-19 vaccinations for Triangle neighborhood residents, bringing together many public and private partners in a true #TeamCity effort. Because of her hard work, 115 residents and 30 staff members have been vaccinated. Lauren was nominated by CDA Finance & Grants Manager, Anne Slezak. Thank you for coordinating this effort, Lauren.

Public Health & Safety #TeamCity Award - Raena Glauvitz. Raena is a Community Paramedic in the Fire Department. She has been with the department since 2007. Most of her time is spent working with patients who have been identified as needing more assistance than is available because they are especially vulnerable and in very challenging situations. Raena is known for doing everything possible to locate a positive outcome, all while helping her patients be empowered to control their own situations and hold the knowledge to take actions independently going forward. She has made an immeasurable positive impact in our community and is a vivid representation of what the City stands for. Raena was nominated by Division Chief of EMS Training, Chris Carbon. We appreciate your hard work and dedication Raena.

Public Works & Land Use #TeamCity Award - Emily Jorgensen. Emily is a Greenway Steward with City Engineering. Her responsibilities include the installation of native plantings, invasive species monitoring and management, native seed collecting and sowing, and prairie burns. Emily participated in a job-shadowing program set up for a student who wanted to learn more. Not only did Emily coach the student, she also help set up an internship at a private restoration firm for the student. In addition, she enjoys sharing her passion for nature by starting a “Plant of the Week” series in Engineering’s newsletter. Emily also meets quick deadlines and has been known to work overtime – even on weekends – to complete a project. Emily was nominated by Engineers Richie Breidenbach, Lauren Striegl, and Caroline Burger; Greenway Vegetation Coordinator, Maddie Dumas; and Landscape Architect, Carissa Wegner. Thank you for your work ethic and your teamwork.

Mayor’s Choice #TeamCity Award - Coral Manning. Coral Manning was a Community Development Program Manager at Community Development. Her main duties were to oversee the City’s Childcare Unit, which accredits early childcare providers in Madison. During the pandemic, the Wisconsin Youth Company was looking for ways to support children and families to find childcare alternatives so Coral started looking for ways to assist and identified Monona Terrace as potential place to be used for childcare operations. While the short timeline meant that this vision couldn’t come to fruition, it’s moments like this that show Coral’s leadership in moving the City towards making quality childcare available to all, including lower income and marginalized families. Unfortunately, Coral left the City on March 12th. Coral was nominated by Wisconsin Youth Company’s Executive Director, Rebecca Carlin. She will be missed, and we hope that this award reminds her of all the great work she did for the City.

For the first time the Team City Awards recognized our City’s safest drivers. We fully recognize that these employees, whether they work for Metro Transit, the Fire Department, a Public Works agency or any other department within the City, are driving on our City streets for many hours per week. We are grateful for their care, skill and conscientious efforts as they drive, sometimes vehicle weighing many tons, and serve the City.

You can watch the entire presentation here.

Full List of Safest Drivers

  • Chris Tourdot – Building Inspection

  • Glenn Wood – Building Inspection

  • Bill Drum – Engineering

  • Eric Kuban – Engineering

  • Paul Lauby – Engineering

  • Kara Nelson – Fire

  • Lori Karst – Fire

  • Ronald Hettinger – Fire

  • Scott Hodkiewicz – Fire

  • Tim Frank – Public Health MDC

  • Brinda Cunnigan – Metro

  • Clinton Boone – Metro

  • Dave Lohman – Metro

  • Dave Schroeder – Metro

  • Deb Pufahl-Hughes – Metro

  • Edip Resad – Metro

  • Larry Blalock – Metro

  • Lowell Roach – Metro

  • Surendra Bhagwandin – Metro

  • Matt DeThorne – Parking Utility

  • Dan Gill – Parks

  • Dan Pottinger – Parks

  • Jay Schotzko – Parks

  • Mike Mullarkey – Parks

  • Tyler Vandebogert – Parks

  • Jim Smith - Police

  • Barb Crate – Streets

  • Dan Alling – Streets

  • Felix Caraballo – Streets

  • Marc Burns – Streets

  • Rod Rynes – Streets

  • Ron Grieshammer – Streets

  • Steve Welsch – Streets

  • Tim Stelse – Streets

  • Tom Sarbacker – Streets

  • Curt Wilson – Traffic Engineering

  • Troy Vant – Traffic Engineering

  • Jon Zimmerman – Water Utility

  • Mike Clark – Water Utility

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