This past Friday I delivered a Mayoral proclamation declaring March 10th as Tibet Day in honor of the 64th anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising. We were welcomed to the ceremony on the steps of the City-County Building with beautiful songs and raised the Tibetan flag at the CCB flagpole. See below to see the full proclamation declaring March 10th Tibet Day in the City of Madison.

WHEREAS, on March 10, 2023, Tibetans around the world are holding events to commemorate the 64th anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising against the occupation of Tibet and to honor the more than one million Tibetans who have died in this struggle; and

WHEREAS, the loss of human rights and freedom in Tibet, leads to the loss of culture, religion and economic standing, and should be a concern for all who value and enjoy their rights and freedom the world over; and

WHEREAS, the City of Madison, Wisconsin, calls on the government of China to protect the fundamental freedoms of all Tibetans, and to enter into meaningful dialogue with His Holiness the Dalai Lama; and

WHEREAS, the Tibetan spirit of freedom that defines Tibetan Uprising Day, is an essential part of Madison's culture, along with the Tibetan community leaders of which that spirit inspires to action.

WHEREAS, Madison's Tibetan community is a vibrant and thriving part of our city, we honor and celebrate their efforts to keep their cultural traditions strong and recognize the Tibetan flag to be flown over the City-County Building as a gesture of solidarity with the people of Tibet.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT I, Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway, on behalf of the residents of Madison, Wisconsin, do hereby proclaim, Friday, March 10th, 2023 as


in the City of Madison, to serve as a reminder that all people deserve dignity and self-determination, and that freedom is worth defending all around the world.

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