Kathy's Story

Retired librarian Kathy began coming to the Senior Center in 2009, so her husband could take advantage of the foot care clinic.  After her husband passed away she found many other programs for herself, like Artful Affair, PLATO classes, Great Courses, and musical performances. She also began volunteering, planning art shows and working with nursing students.


“The Senior Center is my social club,” Kathy states.  She joined committees to fundraise, plan programs and advocate for older adults.  Admittedly though, Kathy was missing something.  “I had been saying for three years that I just wanted to have a date.”


In October 2016, the Senior Center arranged its first Senior Speed-Dating event.  Singles aged 65+ met at the CIRC in the Concourse Hotel for an evening of making friends, socializing and meeting people.  “It was very interesting getting to know someone.  I had the attitude of: Let’s see what happens next,” Kathy said of attending the event.  “It was a lot of fun!”


Kathy had four matches; one of which has blossomed. Pete and Kathy have been enjoying their relationship for four months.  She says, “I was lonely…so I got a cat.  Then I got a boyfriend!” 


Other speed-dating events are planned.  Needless to say, Kathy was not in attendance at the most recent one.  “I don’t need it anymore.”  However, she does have advice for singles on the fence about attending speed dating:  “Just go for it!” 


Donations to the Senior Center help fund social events here and in other places throughout Madison that encourage friendships and fun.

Article taken from Giving Matters spring 2017 edition. 

Kathy and Pete


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