With the City’s sustainable focus, City Engineering has converted to using a green cleaning program in many of the buildings it operates. This program benefits building users and custodial staff.  In most cases, the green cleaning program is being used as part of a certified sustainable building strategy to promote LEED Certification and other sustainable practices.

The Green Cleaning Program:

  • Utilizes environmentally-preferred products that are certified by the USDA for their bio based content, that meet EPA guidelines, that contain post-consumer content, or are certified by Green Seal TM with primary use of hydrogen peroxide based cleaners
  • Invests in equipment with less environmental impact – for example, vacuums that pass performance tests for soil removal, dust containment and collection, and decibel level
  • Implements high performance cleaning processes that balance daily routines around high use areas, and standardizes systems for ease of operation
  • Implements program training for 11 custodial staff members in proper green cleaning equipment, supplies, and techniques

The green cleaning program is being implemented at the following City buildings:

  • Police Stations (except Central District)
  • Police Training Building
  • Larry D. Nelson Engineering Operations Facility
  • Fire Administration Building
  • Madison Municipal Building

Facilities ensures the use of the green cleaning program in the facilities it operates by incorporating walk off mats, flooring surfaces that are made with recycled content, and surface materials that are easily cleaned.