Used motor oil is a hazardous substance that requires special handling. Do not place motor oil in the trash or recycling and never dump it in sewers or household drains.

The City of Madison has three drop-off sites for used motor oil and used oil filters that are managed by the Engineering Division. These public sites are always open, unless otherwise closed for testing. You must empty your oil into a tank and dispose of used oil filters in the labeled receptacles on site.

Used motor oil can be re-refined into base stock for lubricating oil and other uses. However, oil that is contaminated with PCBs is considered hazardous waste and can only be accepted by hazardous waste contractors. The City works with Future Environmental, of Madison, Wis., to test the oil at the site every two weeks to make sure PCBs are not in the recycled oil.

For questions on the public waste oil recycling sites email or call 608-267-9408.

In addition to the public sites, there are several area businesses that will accept used oil from the public.

General Guidelines

  • Used motor oil, transmission fluid, and brake fluid only. No gasoline, antifreeze or cleaning solvents. For cooking oil recycling.
  • Take gasoline, kerosene, fuel oil, and similar chemicals to Dane County Clean Sweep , 608-838-3212.
  • Empty oil bottles should be put in the trash. Do not recycle empty oil bottles.

City Waste Oil Drop-off Locations for the Public

Open locations

Closed locations

  • East: CLOSED. The Former City Garage, First and East Johnson Streets (200 N. First St.)
  • West: CLOSED. The Glenway Golf Course site is closed due to contamination. Use one of the other sites or see a list of alternatives below.

Businesses who will accept used oil from the public

Check the Dane County Recycling & Disposal Directory for a list of businesses that may accept motor oil and filters. Some may charge a fee, so be sure to contact them before arriving.