The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is one of America's most comprehensive pieces of civil rights legislation that prohibits discrimination and guarantees that people with disabilities have the same opportunities to participate in the mainstream of American life -- to enjoy employment opportunities, to purchase goods and services, and to participate in State and local government programs and services.  

ADA Compliance  Diagram

To create an inclusive community, the Facilities Section, in coordination with the Department of Civil Rights, manages ongoing compliance with the ADA in City facilities.

  • Procure products or modify workspaces in partnership with the City Accommodations Specialist to provide reasonable accommodations required for employees.
  • Evaluate existing facilities to develop alteration standards that meet or exceed the ADA requirements.
  • Develop new facilities that integrate ADA requirements into creative design solutions.
  • Include assistive devices in facilities to effectively communicate with people who have hearing, vision, and speech disabilities.

Read the American’s with Disabilities Act.

More information can be found at the Department of Civil Rights website.