With the goal of protecting both public health and the environment, the City of Madison supervises the monitoring, operation, and maintenance of five closed landfills. Underground landfill gas extraction and leachate collection systems operate at these sites 24 hours per day. Landfill gas probes around each landfill are monitored at least weekly by City Engineering. A network of groundwater wells is sampled twice per year by Public Health – Madison & Dane County. All activities are supervised by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and data are submitted to the WDNR regularly for agency review.

Landfill Site Location Current Use
Mineral Point Landfill 128 Yellowstone Drive Mineral Point public park
Greentree Landfill 6600-6700 Hammersley Rd Greentree – Chapel Hills public park
Olin Landfill 123 E. Olin Avenue Quann public park and off-leash dog park
Demetral Landfill 200-500 Packers Avenue Demetral public park, off-leash dog park, and East High School fields
Sycamore Landfill 4601 Sycamore Road Sycamore public park and off-leash dog park
Truax Landfill (managed by Dane County) 1500-2200 Pankratz Street Bridges golf course

Annual Operations and Monitoring Reports

Landfill gas, leachate, and groundwater monitoring data are collected on a regular basis, per each landfill’s WDNR-approved Plan of Operation.  An analysis of these data are submitted annually to the WDNR in an annual report.  The annual reports also summarize the history of each landfill, including the years of operation and its remediation history.  For a copy of a particular landfill’s annual report, please contact Brynn Bemis at (608) 267-1986.

Landfill Zones of Concern

The City requires certain approved construction practices and safety precautions for buildings and homes adjacent to existing landfills.  These requirements and maps of the zones are outlined in subsection 29.23(11) of the Madison General Ordinance.  If your property falls within a recognized ‘landfill zone of concern’ you will be notified of these additional requirements when applying for a building permit.  For questions on this subject, please contact Brynn Bemis at (608) 267-1986.


Brynn Bemis 608-267-1986
Landfill annual report requests
Building in a ‘landfill zone of concern’
Jack Brody 608-267-9408 On-site monitoring
Operations and maintenance activities
Parks Division 608-266-4711 Dog park maintenance concerns

Open Landfills in Dane County

If you are looking for open landfills that accept waste, there are two in Dane County:

Landfill Location Hours Contact
Dane County Landfill 7102 US Hwy 12
Madison, WI
M-F: 7 AM–2:45 PM
Sat: 8 AM–10:45 AM
WM Madison Prairie Landfill

(municipal solid waste not accepted)

6002 Nelson Rd
Sun Prairie, WI

M-F: 8 AM – 3 PM