There are a number of programs and initiatives the facilities section of the Engineering Division focuses on that keep our City Buildings in the best condition for public use.

Accessibility ADA Compliance

Making sure everyone can access our Facilities equally is a priority for Engineering and City as a whole. See the guidelines we follow.

Gender Inclusive Restrooms

We work these guidelines into our facilities, and we're proud to provide inclusive options for all. Learn how we include gender inclusive restrooms.

Green Cleaning Program

Sustainable products are important to our commitment to our City's service promises and values. Check out what practices our crews follow when maintaining our facilities with green cleaning products.

Historic Preservation

In Engineering, we are just as committed to preserving our City's most precious historic buildings as we are building new ones. Read about our approach and see examples of what we've done to preserve historic gems in our community.

Lactation Rooms

We want to make every effort to support breastfeeding mothers, and that includes being intentional with creating clean, private spaces for mothers to breastfeed. Read about lactation room locations and our approach to being accommodating.

Preventative Maintenance Program

With so many buildings, and a community that uses them, keeping up with maintenance is important to us. We want to make sure our City facilities are maintained to be clean, safe and updated. Learn about our approach to keeping things fixed.