City agencies and community professionals have found that the services of the Facilities Section are beneficial and lead to successful outcomes.  

“The Facilities Section of Engineering provided excellent leadership and management of our projects, making sure we achieved well-designed, sustainable, and welcoming facilities for the community to enjoy for many years. They were a pleasure to work with and they exhibited tremendous pride in their dedication to the projects. Most importantly, they demonstrated a resolute stewardship to ensure that the community’s investment in our public libraries was realized to the fullest.” -Greg Mickells, Madison Public Library Director

“Solar energy is a triple win for the community. It creates local jobs. It’s cost effective. It’s critical in achieving our climate goals and transitioning to clean energy sources. Installing solar panels on our own facilities will help us meet that goal while growing our local talent pool in the solar industry, which is necessary to help the rest of the City meet that goal.” -Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway

“In early 2017, I was assigned project lead for Public Health remodel in the City-County Building.  I was completely new to facilities projects and a little overwhelmed by the endeavor.  However, City Facilities worked closely with our agency through the RFP process, contract routing and approval process, the design process, construction, and furniture selection. Public Health Madison & Dane County moved back into our remodeled space in June 2019 and couldn’t be happier.  City Facilities has the right people in the right roles and will guide you through the process every step of the way!” -Melanie Jicha, Public Health

“Parks has worked with Facilities on a number of complex projects; from the John Wall Family Pavilion at Tenney Park to Gates of Heaven improvements at James Madison Park. Facilities staff’s technical expertise teamed with Park staff input on operations and maintenance has moved these projects successfully forward.  They are a great group to work with!” -Kay Rutledge, retired Assistant Park Superintendent

“Miron Construction Co., Inc. has completed several projects with the City of Madison over the past few years, most recently Madison Fire Station 14 and Madison Midtown Police Station. These projects, and our partnership with the City of Madison, have been very successful. The basis of the success is all about the people who were involved in the design, construction, and administration of the project. In addition to a common commitment to purpose, which was designing and constructing a highly functional and quality-built facility that will enable the users of the facility to perform at their best, the team also shared a willingness to collaborate and work together. We are also very pleased the City of Madison shares Miron’s commitment to be good stewards of the environment and build and live in facilities that are environmentally responsible and energy-efficient." -Steve Wolters, VP Miron Construction

Are you a City of Madison resident who is interested in the services provided by the Engineering Division? Are you a City of Madison agency that needs some design assistance or has a building operations request? Are you a local professional who would like to bid on a future project?  If so, please visit the following webpages for information on how to work with us: