The Adopt-A-Median program is a program for Madison community members to take care and maintain existing traffic calming circles and medians across the City. The Adopt-A-Median program is just one way to get involved in improving public infrastructure, plus, it's easy to apply!

  1. Check Median Adoption Availability

    See what medians are available for adoption on the City's Adopt-A-Median map below.

  2. Complete the Online Application

    In less than five minutes, you can apply to be a part of our Adopt-A-Median program. 

  3. Complete Waiver

    If not the main contact, all volunteers should fill out the waiver and release form. The main contact should fill out the Adopt-A-Median Adoption Application, which includes all forms.

  4. Plan Your Plants

    Check out the plant list and get started on your median!  After all forms are complete, congratulations! You're officially part of the Adopt-A-Median program. You will be sent additional information and resources on median maintenance, such as where to get vests, cones or signs.

  5. Share Your Progress!

    Email in photos to to share progress of your median, share on social media and tag Engineering on Facebook and @MadisonEngr on Twitter!

Available Medians
*Note: Expand the two arrows in the top left corner to show the map legend.

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Eligible MediansPre adoption

Any residential traffic median (speed limit 25 mph or less) that has an existing planting bed within the City limits that hasn't already been adopted is eligible for the program. Check our City of Madison Adopt-A-Median Map to see if there's an available median in your neighborhood. Then, fill out the application, receive confirmation, and the median is yours to maintain.

If you see medians with "Adopt Me" median signs in the community, call City Engineering to see if the median is available for adoption.

The City of Madison manages about 650 planted traffic medians which include major corridors like John Nolen, East Washington , Park Street, Regent Street, University Avenue and Northport Drive. The high traffic medians are maintained by contractors and Engineering crews. There are also 225 residential street medians. The top priority for residential street medians is that they keep visibility and sight lines open to pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers.

Eligible Adopters:  Be like Judy! 

Anyone can apply to adopt a median. We've had adopters such as: interested parties affiliated with neighborhood associations, groups or businesses and volunteers working on an individual basis.  Our adopters have a wide range of skills and backgrounds. We encourage everyone to apply, and work with our City staff through the process. 

​Judy, a Madison resident, pictured here next to her adopted median.
​Judy, a Madison resident and Adopt-A-Median applicant by her adopted median.

From plant selection based on seasons, location, soil composition, pollinator benefits and more, our City staff can help you choose your plants, answer your median questions and more as you work on your median plan!

Benefits of Adopting a Median

  • Beautify your neighborhood
  • Help the environment.
  • Meet your neighbors and grow your neighborhood or homeowners' association.
  • Rent a free safety vest and traffic cones for volunteering.
  • Monetary reimbursement for qualifying plant purchases and bags of mulch.
  • Makes for a great service project!