The City of Madison Engineering Division informs residents multiple times before a prescribed burn happens. Learn more about prescribed burns from what goes into burn equipment, burn attire our crews wear and how we control burns in residential properties.

Late winter/early spring for spring burns, late summer/early fall for fall burns:

  • Addresses/locations of burn sites are posted on Parks’ website
  • Engineering emails alders in districts that will be seeing burns, what and where to expect these burns.
  • Engineering mails a notification letter or postcard to all residents within 400 feet of burn site

*Please note: The Engineering Division sends notification letters to inform residents of the general time-frame for burns, but cannot give exact dates in advance because prescribed burns are highly weather and condition-dependent.

Morning of Burn

  • Residents within 400 feet of burn site with landline phones will receive a “reverse 911 call,” which is a call from Dane County Emergency Management informing them that a burn will occur at [site address] today.
  • Burn personnel will also email Madison Fire Department, the Mayor’s Office, Parks, Engineering and the alder to let them know a  burn will be occurring day of.
  • Burn personnel will post notice and informational signage on roads and paths near burn site.