The Facilities Section of the Engineering Division provides high quality design, project management, and building operation services to all agencies that are implementing a preventative maintenance, remodeling, or new construction project while utilizing a sustainable focus.

Facilities listens to clients and partner agencies to ensure that needs are being met and goals are being documented.  Early planning with project stakeholders and understanding the design, construction and operating requirements of a broad range of city facility types is critical to project success.  When it comes time to implement the project, Facilities will work to achieve a project that is On Budget, On Time and of High Quality.

When Facilities completes projects for the City with low(er) operating budgets, high(er) worker productivity, and with a light(er) footprint on the environment, LEED certification something to celebrate.  The City currently operates nearly 1M square feet of LEED certified facilities.

Before you decide to work with us, check out our list of awards and success stories from our partners.