To create an inclusive Madison, the City promotes the use of Gender Inclusive Restrooms in new and renovated facilities in order to accommodate the safety and privacy of all people.  A gender inclusive restroom may also be referred to as unisex, gender-neutral, mixed-sex or all-gender restroom.

Current building codes generally require the separation of the sexes into separate toilet rooms. A gender inclusive restroom is a restroom that is not separated by gender or sex that can be used by any person. Sex and gender are separate terms.  Sex describes the biological characteristics of being female or male or intersex.  Gender describes a person’s identification as a man or woman or other identification.

The Facilities Section has successfully used gender inclusive restrooms at Pinney Library.  These restrooms are single-stall lockable restrooms available to all people of all genders and sexes, including parents assisting children and people who have personal care assistants.

More information about inclusive workplaces can be found on Mayor Satya’s Blog.