On Tuesday, March 29th the Vision Zero Action Plan was officially adopted by the Common Council. This is a pivotal moment in Madison, as this plan maps out specific strategies and actions the City will take to reach that goal of zero deaths on city roadways.

While most people have heard the words “Vision Zero Action Plan” mentioned, many are not sure exactly what that is. For Madison, our Action Plan is a dynamic document that uses data and engagement while focusing on equity to build a framework that will help the City achieve this goal by 2035.

Our Vision Zero Action Plan uses the Safe Systems Approach that prioritizes safety as the most important factor in decision-making. Key components include:

  • Safe Streets: Improving the design of streets to support lower speeds and improve safety, especially for people walking and biking.
  • Safe People: Providing alternatives to driving, educating people on safe behavior and building a traffic safety culture.
  • Safe Vehicles: Ensuring the City is a leader by purchasing vehicles that support safety technology and ensuring our employees are contributing to safe streets.
  • Safety Data: Ensuring that we are using data to make the best investments and decisions to reach our goal of eliminating serious and fatal crashes.
  • Safety-Focused Enforcement: Focusing on stopping the most hazardous driving violations

An important part of any Vision Zero initiative is accountability. The City is committed to monitoring our Vision Zero efforts closely and using data to adjust the actions and strategies as needed. In addition, the City will release an annual report showing our progress.

The Vision Zero movement acknowledges that everyone has the right to move safely in their communities and any loss of life is unacceptable. That means that the only appropriate goal for Madison is ZERO traffic-related deaths and severe injuries, all while working to increase safe, healthy, and equitable mobility for all road-users. Reaching zero is an ambitious goal that will require innovation, multi-department coordination and community support.

You can support Vision Zero and help Madison build a culture of safety in a number of ways, but most importantly, staying aware of your surroundings without distractions, slowing down and following the speed limit. The speed limit isn’t a suggestion, it’s a lifesaving mandate of law that makes us all safer on the roads. Let’s work together, with smarter traffic infrastructure and lower speed limits to get to zero deaths on Madison roadways.

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Vision Zero Plan

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